Mumps: a resurgent disease with protean manifestations

  title={Mumps: a resurgent disease with protean manifestations},
  author={Sanjaya N. Senanayake},
  journal={Medical Journal of Australia},
  • S. Senanayake
  • Published 1 October 2008
  • Medicine
  • Medical Journal of Australia
Mumps has re‐emerged as an infection in the developed world. Its epidemiology has changed, with the majority of cases now primarily affecting adolescents and adults. While mumps is easily suspected if parotitis is present, parotitis is absent in 10%–30% of symptomatic cases. Mumps is a systemic infection with a variety of extra‐parotid complications. In Australia, mumps diagnosis is confirmed by antibody testing and reverse transcriptase‐polymerase chain reaction techniques. Suitable specimens… 

The increasing incidence of mumps orchitis: a comprehensive review

The epidemiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic methods, treatment options and complications of mump orchitis, as a complication of mumps virus, are reviewed, with particular emphasis on testicular atrophy, subfertility and infertility.

Mumps Virus: Modification of the Identify-Isolate-Inform Tool for Frontline Healthcare Providers

The “Identify-Isolate-Inform” tool is applicable to regions with rare incidences or local outbreaks, especially seen in college students, as well as globally in areas where vaccination is less common, to assist frontline healthcare providers with detecting potential cases and initiating critical actions.

A case of mumps orchitis and pancreatitis in 25 years old man hospitalized in Clinic of infectious diseases - Varna

Multi-organ involvement in the clinical course of mumps, taking its with is usual manifestation of the disease, and in this case, the patient recovered without lasting sequels.

Mumps presenting as epididymo‐orchitis among young travellers: under‐recognition, missed diagnoses and transmission risks

A series of cases is used to highlight the diagnostic allenges, risk factors and public health implications of mps orchitis, and to illustrate the infection risks for under-vaccinated adults travelling to mumps-endemic countries.

Seroepidemiology of the recent mumps virus outbreaks in Ireland.

Application of Oral Fluid Assays in Support of Mumps, Rubella and Varicella Control Programs

The main application of oral fluid testing is in those circumstances where blood sampling is deemed not necessary, or is undesirable, and when the documented sensitivity and specificity of the oral fluid assay methodology to be used is considered sufficient for the purpose intended.

umps vaccine associated orchitis : Evidence supporting a potential mmune-mediated mechanism

We report 3 cases of orchitis following vaccination with mumps–measles–rubella (MMR) vaccine, two with an onset within 3 days following vaccination. Orchitis is a common complication of mumps

Incidence of Mumps in Hilla City

It is shown that among patients presented to private clinic and Al Hillah general teaching hospital with symptoms and signs of mumps and its complications, history taken, clinical examination, treatment and follow-up done, and incidence of Mumps in Hilla City in 2020 was high.




Analysis of Mumps Vaccine Failure by Means of Avidity Testing for Mumps Virus-Specific Immunoglobulin G

The results showed that secondary mumps vaccine failure occurs not infrequently, even among school age children under condition in which the vaccine coverage is low (i.e., 33% in the study population), and therefore, vaccinees are prone to be exposed to wild-type viruses.

Mumps and the UK epidemic 2005

The basis of the current epidemic is explained, the epidemiology, clinical presentation, complications, laboratory confirmation, and treatment of mumps are reviewed, and evidence based information on the internet is searched for.

Comparison of mumps-IgM ELISAs in acute infection.

Measles, mumps and rubella – the urologist's perspective

The article reviews the pathophysiology, clinical symptoms, diagnosis, and long‐term sequelae of this increasingly prevalent condition and provides a reference for all practising Urologists treating this disease.

Mumps vaccine failure investigation in Novosibirsk, Russia, 2002-2004.

The results suggest that the majority of cases of mumps in vaccinees are caused by primary VF, defined as either a lack of seroconversion or a Lack of IgG maturity, as based on avidity testing, which supports the hypothesis that sera of low neutralising antibody titre have a limited ability to neutralise heterologous mumps virus strains.

Acute transverse myelitis and Guillain–Barré overlap syndrome with serological evidence for mumps viraemia

A young woman presenting with confusion and collapse 2 weeks after a flu‐like illness is described, with an initial diagnosis of transverse myelitis made on the basis of the clinical findings and radiological evidence of a swollen spinal cord with uniform high signal change on T2 weighted MRI.