Multiyear Search for Dark Matter Annihilations in the Sun with the AMANDA-II and IceCube Detectors

  title={Multiyear Search for Dark Matter Annihilations in the Sun with the AMANDA-II and IceCube Detectors},
  author={IceCube collaboration R. Abbasi and Y. Abdou and Tareq Abu-Zayyad and Markus Ackermann and Jeffrey Adams and Jose A. Aguilar and Markus Ahlers and David Altmann and K. Andeen and Jan Auffenberg and Xiaohong Bai and Michael J. Baker and S. W. Barwick and R. C. Bay and J. L. Bazo Alba and Kathryn Beattie and J. J. Beatty and Sophie Bechet and Joanne Becker and K. -H. Becker and Mark E. Bell and M. L. Benabderrahmane and Segev BenZvi and Jens Berdermann and Patrick Berghaus and David Berley and Elisa Bernardini and Daniel Bertrand and D. Z. Besson and Daniel Bindig and Martin Bissok and Erik Blaufuss and Julia von Blumenthal and D. J. Boersma and Christian Bohm and Deepak Bose and Sebastian Boser and Olga Botner and Lionel Brayeur and Anthony M. C. Brown and Stijn Buitink and K. S. Caballero-Mora and Michael Carson and Martin Casier and Dmitry Chirkin and B. Christy and Fabian Clevermann and Samantha Cohen and C. Colnard and Douglas F. Cowen and Angel H. Cruz Silva and Marco D'agostino and Matthias Danninger and J. D. Daughhetee and J. C. Davis and C. De Clercq and Thomas Degner and F. Descamps and Paolo Desiati and G. de Vries-Uiterweerd and T Deyoung and J. C. D'iaz-V'elez and M. Dierckxsens and J. Dreyer and J. P. Dumm and Matthew Dunkman and Jonathan Eisch and R. W. Ellsworth and O. Engdegaard and Sebastian Euler and Paul A. Evenson and Olaoluwa Fadiran and Ali R. Fazely and Anatoli Fedynitch and Jacob Feintzeig and T. Feusels and K. V. Filimonov and Chad Finley and Tobias Fischer-Wasels and Samuel Flis and Anna Franckowiak and R. Franke and Thomas K. Gaisser and J. S. Gallagher and Lisa Gerhardt and Laura Gladstone and Thorsten Glusenkamp and A. Goldschmidt and J. A. Goodman and D. G'ora and D. R. Grant and Timo Griesel and Axel Gro{\ss} and Sean Grullon and Martin Gurtner and Chang Gyeong Ha and Alhassan H. Ismail and Allan Hallgren and Francis Halzen and Ke Han and Kenneth Hanson and David Heereman and Dirk Heinen and Klaus Helbing and Robert Eugene Hellauer and Stephanie Hickford and G. C. Hill and Kara Dion Hoffman and B. Hoffmann and Andreas Homeier and Kotoyo Hoshina and Warren Huelsnitz and J. P. Hulss and Per Olof Hulth and Klas Hultqvist and S. Hussain and Aya Ishihara and Emanuel Jacobi and J{\o}rn Jacobsen and G. Sh. Japaridze and H{\aa}kan Johansson and Andr'e Kappes and Timo Karg and Albrecht Karle and Joanna Kiryluk and Fabian Kislat and S. R. Klein and J. M. Kohne and Georges Kohnen and Hermann Kolanoski and L. Kopke and Sandro Kopper and D. J. Koskinen and Marek Kowalski and Thomas Kowarik and Mark T. Krasberg and G{\"o}sta Kroll and Jan Kunnen and Nobuaki Kurahashi and Takao Kuwabara and Mathieu Labare and Karim Laihem and Hagar Yael Landsman and M. J. Larson and Robert J. Lauer and Jan Lunemann and J. Madsen and Alberto Marotta and Reina Maruyama and Kenichi Mase and H. S. Matis and Kevin Meagher and M. Merck and Peter M{\'e}sz{\'a}ros and Thomas Meures and Sandra Miarecki and Eike Middell and Natalie Milke and J. V. Miller and Teresa Montaruli and R. Morse and S. M. Movit and Rolf Nahnhauer and Jung Who Nam and Ursula Naumann and Sarah C. Nowicki and David Robert Nygren and Sirin Odrowski and A. Olivas and Martin Olivo and Aongus O'Murchadha and Sebastian Panknin and Ludwig Paul and Carlos P'erez de los Heros and Alexander Pi{\'e}gsa and Damian Pieloth and J. Posselt and P. B. Price and G. T. Przybylski and K. Rawlins and Peter Christian Redl and Elisa Resconi and Wolfgang Rhode and Mathieu Ribordy and Michael Richman and Alfredo Rizzo and J. Pereira Rodrigues and Fabian Rothmaier and C. Rott and Tim Ruhe and D. Rutledge and Bakhtiyar Ruzybayev and Dirk Ryckbosch and H. G. Sander and Margareth Santander and Subir Sarkar and Kai Schatto and Torsten Schmidt and Sebastian Schoneberg and Alison Schonwald and Anne Schukraft and Lisa Schulte and Axel Schultes and Olaf Schulz and Matthias Schunck and David Seckel and Benjamin Semburg and S. H. Seo and Yolanda Sestayo and Surujhdeo Seunarine and Anton Silvestri and G. M. Spiczak and Ch. Spiering and Michael Stamatikos and Todor Stanev and Thorsten Stezelberger and R. G. Stokstad and A. Stossl and E. A. Strahler and R. G. Strom and Michael Stuer and G. W. Sullivan and Henric Taavola and Ignacio Taboada and Alessio Tamburro and Samvel Ter-Antonyan and Serap Tilav and Patrick A. Toale and S. Toscano and Delia Tosi and N. van Eijndhoven and A. Van Overloop and Jakob van Santen and M. Vehring1 and Markus Voge and C. Walck and Tilo Waldenmaier and Marcel Wallraff and M. Walter and Ryan J. Wasserman and Ch. Weaver and C. Wendt and Stefan Westerhoff and Nathan Whitehorn and Klaus Wiebe and Christopher Wiebusch and D. R. Williams and Ralf Wischnewski and Henrike Wissing and Michael M. Wolf and Terri R. Wood and Kurt Woschnagg and Chunying Xu and D. L. Xu and X. William Xu and J. P. Yanez and Gaurang B. Yodh and Shigeru Yoshida and Pavel Zarzhitsky and Marcel Zoll},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • IceCube collaboration R. Abbasi, Y. Abdou, +257 authors Marcel Zoll
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
  • A search for an excess of muon neutrinos from dark matter annihilations in the Sun has been performed with the AMANDA-II neutrino telescope using data collected in 812 days of live time between 2001 and 2006 and 149 days of live time collected with the AMANDA-II and the 40-string configuration of IceCube during 2008 and early 2009. No excess over the expected atmospheric neutrino background has been observed. We combine these results with the previously published IceCube limits obtained with… CONTINUE READING

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