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Multiword Frequency Analysis Based on the MEDLINE N-gram Set

  title={Multiword Frequency Analysis Based on the MEDLINE N-gram Set},
  author={C. J. Lu and Destinee L. Tormey and Lynn McCreedy and A. Browne},
Multiwords are vital to better precision and recall in NLP applications. The Lexical Systems Group (LSG) developed an effective approach to add multiwords to the SPECIALIST Lexicon from the MEDLINE n-gram set. This paper describes a frequency analysis on LexMultiwords (LMWs) and acronym expansions (e.g. blood pressure for BP) based on the word count (WC) in MEDLINE. Results show most LMWs locate in the low WC range with better precision and F1 score. Introduction LMWs are terms in Lexical… Expand
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Word Frequency Distributions. 1 st Edition
  • Word Frequency Distributions. 1 st Edition
  • 2001
Word Frequency Distributions. 1st Edition
  • 2001