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Multiwavelength Campaign of Observations of AE Aqr

  title={Multiwavelength Campaign of Observations of AE Aqr},
  author={C. Mauche and M. Abada-Simon and J. Desmurs and M. Dulude and Z. Ioannou and J. Neill and A. Price and N. Sidro and W. Welsh and Theoretical Institute for Advanced Research in Astrophysics and the American Association of Variable Star Observers},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
We provide a summary of results, obtained from a multiwavelength (TeV gamma-ray, X-ray, UV, optical, and radio) campaign of observations of AE Aqr conducted in 2005 August 28-September 2, on the nature and correlation of the flux variations in the various wavebands, the white dwarf spin evolution, the properties of the X-ray emission region, and the very low upper limits on the TeV gamma-ray flux. 

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isn’t it still larger than the size of the white dwarf? Also, the maximum plasma temperature is too low for accretion onto the white dwarf
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