Multivector Fields and Connections . Setting Lagrangian Equations in Field Theories

  title={Multivector Fields and Connections . Setting Lagrangian Equations in Field Theories},
  author={Arturo Echeverŕıa-Enŕıquez and Miguel C. Mu{\~n}oz-Lecanda and Narciso Rom{\'a}n-Roy},
The integrability of multivector fields in a differentiable manifold is studied. Then, given a jet bundle J1E → E → M , it is shown that integrable multivector fields in E are equivalent to integrable connections in the bundle E → M (that is, integrable jet fields in J1E). This result is applied to the particular case of multivector fields in the manifold J1E and connections in the bundle J1E → M (that is, jet fields in the repeated jet bundle J1J1E), in order to characterize integrable… CONTINUE READING
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