Multivariate analyses of antibody induction therapies.

  title={Multivariate analyses of antibody induction therapies.},
  author={Suphamai Bunnapradist and Steven K. Takemoto},
  journal={Clinical transplants},
1. Between 1997-2002 a 3-fold increase in induction therapy was attributed to surging use of Simulect, Zenapax and Thymoglobulin. 2. Induction therapy reduced the hazard ratio by 8% in deceased and 13% in living donor transplants and reduced the risk of rejection by 26% in deceased and 13% in living donor allografts. 3. Thymoglobulin was used more often in sensitized and retransplanted recipients and those with delayed graft function. Zenapax was used more often in pediatric recipients and… CONTINUE READING

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