Multivariate Data Analysis with Readings

  title={Multivariate Data Analysis with Readings},
  author={Richard M. Sparkman and Joe F. Hair and Rolph E. Anderson and Ronald L. Tatham and Bernie J. Grablowsky},
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Consumer Perceived Value and Consumer Loyalty in the Healthcare Sector
This study provides conceptual as well as empirical investigation of consumer perceived value (CPV) and consumer loyalty (CL) measures in the healthcare sector. It also offers an insight regardingExpand
Expanding the Technology Acceptance Model to Examine Internet Banking Adoption in Tunisia Country
The findings of the study suggest that the security and privacy, self efficacy, social influence, and awareness of services and its benefits have significant effects on the perceived usefulness PU, perceived ease of use PEOU and attitude toward Internet banking acceptance. Expand
A case study on multimedia e-tailing services: can watermarks help build customer relationships?
It is suggested that watermarks can help relationship building and retain e-customer to obtain multimedia products from legal channel and two schemes have been suggested which are suitable for applying watermarking techniques in the e-market. Expand
Relative Importance of Web Quality Dimensions
There are significant differences between the perceptions of consumers who buy products and those buying services in terms of their overall perception of web site quality, convenience/availability and specific content of the web site. Expand
Explaining perceived performance of the World Wide Web: uncertainty and the task-technology fit model
A model integrating the construct of uncertainty and the task‐technology fit model is presented and confirms that richer models representing the broad context of World wide Web usage are required to evaluate usage of the World Wide Web as an information resource. Expand
Adolescent girls’ body appreciation: influences of compassion and social safeness, and association with disordered eating
The pertinence of developing programs for female adolescents that include the cultivation of compassionate and affiliative skills to promote positive body image and to prevent or intervene with disordered eating symptoms is suggested, with potential effects on overall well-being and mental health. Expand
COVID-19 information overload and generation Z's social media discontinuance intention during the pandemic lockdown
Abstract While previous research highlights the benefits of social media in times of a pandemic, this research focuses on the potential dark side of social media use among Generation Z (Gen Z) in theExpand
Intention to Use Behavioral Health Data From a Health Information Exchange: Mixed Methods Study
Despite barriers, individuals are willing to use behavioral health information from HIEs if they believe that it will enhance job performance and if the information being transmitted is trustworthy, the findings contribute to the understanding of the role HIE's can play in delivering integrated care, particularly to vulnerable patients. Expand
Do the Key Mediating Variables of Overall Satisfaction, Trust and Commitment Affect Low and High Relational Customers’ Future Intentions in Virtual Auctions?
This paper develops a pair of research models and related hypotheses to address the question “Do the key mediating variables of overall satisfaction, trust and commitment affect low and highExpand
Assessment of specific agility in volleyball: reliability and validity of modified X running test
Applied modified X test proved to be statistically reliable and sensitive to observed age groups of subjects, and therefore it can be recommended for use in volleyball training technology. Expand