Multivariate Data Analysis with Readings

  title={Multivariate Data Analysis with Readings},
  author={Joe F. Hair and Rolph E. Anderson and Ronald L. Tatham},
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Measuring Banks' Automated Service Quality: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach
Automated service quality has been recognised as the factor which determines the suc cess or failure of electronic commerce. Those models current ly available to measure automated service quality areExpand
Mentoring preservice teachers of primary science
Perceptions of mentors' practices related to primary science teaching were obtained from final year preservice teachers after a 4-week practicum. Responses to a survey (n=59), constructed throughExpand
Functional classification of harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) dives using depth profiles, swimming velocity, and an index of foraging success
Time-depth-speed recorders and stomach-temperature sensors were deployed on harbor seals in the St. Lawrence estuary to examine their diving and foraging behavior, finding feeding occurred during dives of all five types, four of which were U-shaped, while one was V-shaped. Expand
An Empirical Study of Software Reuse with Special Attention to Ada
The results of this study show that the rate of reuse significantly depends upon reuse capability, software development effort, object-oriented design capability, repositoryDevelopment effort, Ada technology capability, and domain capability. Expand
Behavioral and societal drivers of an obesogenic environment worldwide
Purpose – This paper aims to present an ecological study that analyzed the impact of societal and behavioral factors on the obesogenic situation worldwide. The societal variables includedExpand
Constructing non-statistical association measures on the sets with involution and similarity measure
  • I. Batyrshin
  • Mathematics
  • 2015 16th IEEE International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Informatics (CINTI)
  • 2015
The methods of construction of functions satisfying the properties similar to the properties of the Pearson's correlation coefficient are discussed. Such functions can be constructed on the sets withExpand
Expectations-to-value: connecting customers with business offerings
The literature developed expectations-to-value relationship is tested across the national pharmacy industry. The resultant expectations-to-value model delineates significant network paths - that canExpand
Longitudinal patent analysis for international nanotechnology development: comparison of innovative performance for the ten leading countries using patent data derived from NBER
This paper presents results on the international analysis of nanotechnology patents for the ten leading countries. We aim to compare the innovative ability and performance of the ten leadingExpand
Motives for Firms to Adopt Solid Waste Management Controls: The Case of Food Processing Sector in Sri Lanka
This study offers an empirical analysis of the economic incentives available for food processing firms in Sri Lanka to adopt environmental controls for solid waste management. A series of in-depthExpand
The impact of trust, motivation and rewards on knowledge sharing attitudes among the secondary and higher secondary level students’: Evidence from Bangladesh
Purpose – This paper’s aim is to inspect the influence of trust, motivation and rewards on knowledge-sharing attitudes among secondary and higher secondary students in Bangladesh.Expand