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Multivariate Data Analysis: Text and Readings

  title={Multivariate Data Analysis: Text and Readings},
  author={Joe F. Hair and Rolph E. Anderson and Ronald L. Tatham and Bernie J. Grablowsky},
Testing Personal Orientations - Organizational Climate Fit using Polynomial Regressions, Response Surface, and Bootstrapping
Personal orientations-organizational climate fit as a predictor of organizational commitment was examined using a sample of 350 Malaysian medical doctors from public and private hospitals in theExpand
Determinants of financing decisions and management implications: evidence from Spanish agricultural cooperatives
The unique characteristics of agricultural cooperatives are likely to affect the availability of the funding they can access. This paper analyses the determining factors behind the financingExpand
Do different marketing practices pre-suppose different frames of reference? An exploratory study
Purpose The role of managerial assumptions in the formulation of organizational strategies has been well recognized by previous studies, yet in marketing literature, the effect of suchExpand
Pengesahan Factor Determinant Factors in Improving the Performance of Scholarly Publishing Management in Malaysia : Factor Validation Analysis Approach
Article history: Received 31 July 2018 Received in revised form 16 August 2018 Accepted 21 August 2018 Available online 23 August 2018 Penerbitan ilmiah merupakan sistem penerbitan untuk menyebarkanExpand
Personal social responsibility: measurement, dimensions and relations with corporate social responsibility
RESUMEN CASTELLANO Objetivos: El objetivo de esta tesis doctoral es el desarrollo de un nuevo constructo de Responsabilidad Social Personal (PSR), para medir el comportamiento responsable de losExpand
The influence of transformational leadership characteristics on succession planning programs in the Malaysian public sector
Grooming successful leaders is more important now than ever for the public sector. Thus, to groom potential future leaders, the organization not only needs a succession planning program, but alsoExpand
Importance of Product Attributes for Souvenir Purchase Preferences : A Viewpoint of Foreign Tourists in South Africa
Souvenirs are one of the prevalent elements of the travel experience that depict images, boost identities, and trigger positive memories of a person’s vacation. Even though the purchase may take onExpand
Social media usage and firm performance: the mediating role of social capital
It was found that all the three dimensions of social media usage (social use, hedonic use and cognitive use) have a positive influence on firm performance (financial and market performance). Expand
The Association between E-Services Web Portals Information Quality and ICT Competence in the Jordanian Universities
The rapid growth of Internet has given extraordinary opportunities to organizations and business to provide services via the Internet (E-services). Moreover, E-services became a key aspect of anyExpand