Multiuser Detection for S-UMTS and GMR-1 Mobile Systems

  title={Multiuser Detection for S-UMTS and GMR-1 Mobile Systems},
  author={Massimo Neri and Marika Casadei and Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli and Giovanni Emanuele Corazza},
  journal={2006 IEEE Ninth International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications},
Application of multiuser detection (MUD) techniques to current and to-be deployed mobile communication systems is currently under study within the scientific and industrial communities. In this paper, we dwell on the applicability of successive interference cancellation (SIC) and turbo spatial minimum mean squared error-interference cancellation (turbo SMMSE-IC) to a CDMA and a TDMA mobile satellite system (MSS), i.e. S-UMTS and GMR-1, which provide seamless service and coverage extension to… CONTINUE READING
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