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Multitwisted real spectral triples

  title={Multitwisted real spectral triples},
  author={Ludwik Da̧browski and Andrzej Sitarz},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Algebra},
We generalize the notion of spectral triple with reality structure to multitwisted real spectral triples, the class of which is closed under the tensor product composition. In particular, we introduce a multitwisted order one condition (characterizing the Dirac operators as an analogue of first-order differential operator). This provides a unified description of the known examples, which include conformally rescaled triples and (on the algebraic level) triples on quantum disc and on quantum… 

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We study the twisted reality condition of Brzeziński et al. (Math Phys Anal Geom 19(3):11, 2016), for spectral triples, in particular with respect to the product and the commutant. Motivated by this,

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In this paper we shall show that the value at the origin, �(0), of the zeta function of the Laplacian on the non-commutative two torus, endowed with its canonical conformal structure, is independent

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Abstract: We give new examples of noncommutative manifolds that are less standard than the NC-torus or Moyal deformations of ℝn. They arise naturally from basic considerations of noncommutative

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We consider the Laplacian associated with a general metric in the canonical conformal structure of the noncommutative two torus, and calculate a local expression for the term a_4 that appears in its