Multispectral pyrometer for high temperature measurements inside combustion chamber of gas turbine engines

  title={Multispectral pyrometer for high temperature measurements inside combustion chamber of gas turbine engines},
  author={Mikhail V. Mekhrengin and Igor K. Meshkovskii and Vladimir A. Tashkinov and V. I. Guryev and A. V. Sukhinets and Daniil Smirnov},
Abstract Currently, the solution for the problem of temperature measurement of the gas phase of combustion products inside the combustion chambers of gas turbine engines is still in progress. Conventional thermocouples, which are the industry standard, are intrusive and provide spatially and temporally averaged data. In this work, a spectral system for the temperature measurement of gas flow inside the combustion chamber has been developed. The system is based on the method of multi-wave… 
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