Multisite spectroscopic seismic study of the β Cep star V2052 Ophiuchi: inhibition of mixing by its magnetic field

  title={Multisite spectroscopic seismic study of the $\beta$ Cep star V2052 Ophiuchi: inhibition of mixing by its magnetic field},
  author={M. Briquet and C. Neiner and C. Aerts and T. Morel and S. Mathis and D. Reese and H. Lehmann and R. Costero and J. Echevarr{\'i}a and G. Handler and E. Kambe and R. Hirata and S. Masuda and D. Wright and Stephenson L. S. Yang and O. Pintado and D. Mkrtichian and Byeong-Cheol Lee and I. Han and A. Bruch and P. D. Cat and K. Uytterhoeven and K. Lefever and J. Vanautgaerden and B. Batz and Y. Fr{\'e}mat and H. Henrichs and V. Geers and C. Martayan and A. Hubert and O. Thizy and A. Tijani},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We used extensive ground-based multisite and archival spectroscopy to derive observational constraints for a seismic modelling of the magnetic β Cep star V2052 Ophiuchi. The line-profile variability is dominated by a radial mode (f1 = 7.148 46 d−1) and by rotational modulation (Prot = 3.638 833 d). Two non-radial low-amplitude modes (f2 = 7.756 03 d−1 and f3 = 6.823 08 d−1) are also detected. The four periodicities that we found are the same as the ones discovered from a companion multisite… Expand

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