Multisensory control of escape in the cockroach Penplaneta americana

  title={Multisensory control of escape in the cockroach Penplaneta americana},
  author={Christopher M. Comer and E. Mara and Kent A. Murphy and Myron Getman and M. C. Mungy},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Physiology A},
1. Interactions of cockroaches with 4 different predator species were recorded by videography. Some predators, especially spiders, struck from relatively short distances and usually contacted a cockroach prior to initiation of escape (Table 1, Fig. 3). This touch frequently occurred on an antenna. Cockroaches turned away from the side on which an antenna was touched. 2. We then measured the success of escape from predators for cockroaches with either cerci or antennae ablated. Only antennal… CONTINUE READING