Multiscaling in the Presence of Indeterminacy: Wall-Induced Turbulence

  title={Multiscaling in the Presence of Indeterminacy: Wall-Induced Turbulence},
  author={Paul Fife and Joe Klewicki and Patrick McMurtry and Tie Wei},
  journal={Multiscale Modeling & Simulation},
This paper provides a multiscale analytical study of steady incompressible turbulent flow through a channel of either Couette or pressure-driven Poiseuille type. Mathematically, the paper’s two most novel features are that (1) the analysis begins with an underdetermined singular perturbation problem, namely the Reynolds averaged mean momentum balance equation, and (2) it leads to the existence of an infinite number of length scales. (These two features are probably linked, but the linkage will… CONTINUE READING
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