Multiscale prediction of patient-specific platelet function under flow.

  title={Multiscale prediction of patient-specific platelet function under flow.},
  author={Matthew H. Flamm and Thomas V Colace and Manash S. Chatterjee and Huiyan Jing and Songtao Zhou and Daniel Jaeger and Lawrence F Brass and Talid Sinno and Scott L. Diamond},
  volume={120 1},
During thrombotic or hemostatic episodes, platelets bind collagen and release ADP and thromboxane A(2), recruiting additional platelets to a growing deposit that distorts the flow field. Prediction of clotting function under hemodynamic conditions for a patient's platelet phenotype remains a challenge. A platelet signaling phenotype was obtained for 3 healthy donors using pairwise agonist scanning, in which calcium dye-loaded platelets were exposed to pairwise combinations of ADP, U46619, and… CONTINUE READING