Multiscale Analysis for Images on Riemannian Manifolds

  title={Multiscale Analysis for Images on Riemannian Manifolds},
  author={Felipe Calderero and Vicent Caselles},
  journal={SIAM J. Imaging Sci.},
In this paper we study multiscale analyses for images defined on Riemannian manifolds and extend the axiomatic approach proposed by Alvarez, Guichard, Lions, and Morel to this general case. This covers the case of two- and three-dimensional images and video sequences. After obtaining the general classification, we consider the case of morphological scale spaces, which are given in terms of geometric equations, and the linear case given by the Laplace--Beltrami flow. We consider in some detail… 
Linear Multiscale Analysis of Similarities between Images on Riemannian Manifolds: Practical Formula and Affine Covariant Metrics
A linear model to compare patches defined on two images in $\mathbb{R}^N$ endowed with some metric is studied, selected by its computational feasibility since it can be approximated leading to an algorithm that has the complexity of the usual patch comparison using a weighted Euclidean distance.
Anisotropic tempered diffusion equations
Keypoint Detection in RGBD Images Based on an Anisotropic Scale Space
The first stage of RGBD image matching, i.e., keypoint detection, is considered, and the keypoints obtained provide substantially higher stability to viewpoint changes than alternative 2D and RGBD feature extraction approaches, both in terms of repeatability and image classification accuracy.
Spatio-temporal tube segmentation through a video metrics-based patch similarity measure
This paper presents a new method for video simplification which identifies moving or static objects in a video by grouping together all the pixels corresponding to homogeneous texture and temporal


Invariant Geometric Evolutions of Surfaces and Volumetric Smoothing
This paper presents the simplest affine invariant flow for (convex) surfaces in three-dimensional space, which, like the affine-invariant curve shortening flow, will be of fundamental importance in the processing of three- dimensional images.
Image Analysis and P.D.E.s
It is well known that a conveniently rescaled iterated convolution of a linear positive kernel converges to a gaussian. As a consequence, all iterative linear smoothing methods of a signal or an
Sobolev spaces and harmonic maps for metric space targets
When one studies variational problems for maps between Riemannian manifolds one must consider spaces which we denote Vr'(r2,X). Here ft is a compact domain in a Riemannian manifold, X is a second
Generalized motion of level sets by functions of their curvatures on Riemannian manifolds
We consider the generalized evolution of compact level sets by functions of their normal vectors and second fundamental forms on a Riemannian manifold M. The level sets of a function
Differential Invariant Signatures and Flows in Computer Vision: A Symmetry Group Approach
This work gives a modern approach to the theory of differential invariants, describing concepts like Lie theory, jets, and prolongations and presents a high level way of defining invariant geometric flows for a given Lie group.
Geometric diffusions as a tool for harmonic analysis and structure definition of data: diffusion maps.
  • R. Coifman, S. Lafon, S. Zucker
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 2005
The process of iterating or diffusing the Markov matrix is seen as a generalization of some aspects of the Newtonian paradigm, in which local infinitesimal transitions of a system lead to global macroscopic descriptions by integration.
Manifold models for signals and images
  • G. Peyré
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Comput. Vis. Image Underst.
  • 2009
Adaptive Structure Tensors and their Applications
This chapter wants to give an overview of the different approaches to the computation of the structure tensor, whereas the focus lies on the methods based on robust statistics and nonlinear diffusion.
Three-dimensional shape representation from curvature dependent surface evolution
  • P. Neskovic, B. Kimia
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Image Processing
  • 1994
A novel approach to surface representation based on its differential deformations is presented, to establish a direction for the movement of points to avoid self-intersections: convex elliptic points should move in, while concave elliptic Points should move out.
Rectifiable metric spaces: local structure and regularity of the Hausdorff measure
We consider the question whether the "nice" density behaviour of Hausdorff measure on rectifiable subsets of Euclidian spaces preserves also in the general metric case. For this purpose we show the