Multireference state-specific coupled-cluster methods. State-of-the-art and perspectives.

  title={Multireference state-specific coupled-cluster methods. State-of-the-art and perspectives.},
  author={Vladimir V. Ivanov and Dmitry I. Lyakh and Ludwik Adamowicz},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={11 14},
This work reviews the state-specific multireference coupled-cluster (CC) approaches which have been developed as approximate methods for performing high-level quantum mechanical calculations on quasidegenerate ground and excited states of atomic and molecular systems. The term "quasidegenerate" refers to a state that cannot be described even in the first approximation by a single-determinant wavefunction (a Slater determinant), but requires two or more determinants for this purpose. The main… CONTINUE READING

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