Multipronged evaluation of genotoxicity in Indian petrol-pump workers.

  title={Multipronged evaluation of genotoxicity in Indian petrol-pump workers.},
  author={Alok Kumar Pandey and Mahima Bajpayee and Devendra Parmar and Rakesh Kumar and Subodh Kumar Rastogi and Neeraj Mathur and Paul Thorning and Marcel de Matas and Qun Shao and Diana Anderson and Alok Dhawan},
  journal={Environmental and molecular mutagenesis},
  volume={49 9},
Petrol (gasoline) contains a number of toxicants. This study used human biomonitoring to evaluate the genotoxic effects of exposure to benzene in petrol fumes in 100 Indian petrol-pump workers (PPWs) and an equal number of controls. The study was corroborated with in silico assessments of the Comet assay results from the human biomonitoring study. An in vitro study in human lymphocytes was also conducted to understand the genotoxicity of benzene and its metabolites. In a subset of the… CONTINUE READING