Multiprocessor And Memory Architecture Of The Neurocomputer Synapse-1

  title={Multiprocessor And Memory Architecture Of The Neurocomputer Synapse-1},
  author={Ulrich Ramacher and Wolfgang Raab and Joachim K. Anlauf and J. A. Ulrich Hachmann and J{\"o}rg Beichter and Nico Br{\"u}ls and Matthias Wesseling and Elisabeth Sicheneder and Reinhard M{\"a}nner and Joachim Gl{\"a}{\ss} and Andreas Wurz},
  journal={International journal of neural systems},
  volume={4 4},
A general purpose neurocomputer, SYNAPSE-1, which exhibits a multiprocessor and memory architecture is presented. It offers wide flexibility with respect to neural algorithms and a speed-up factor of several orders of magnitude--including learning. The computational power is provided by a 2-dimensional systolic array of neural signal processors. Since the weights are stored outside these NSPs, memory size and processing power can be adapted individually to the application needs. A neural… CONTINUE READING