Multipolar Ferrite-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machines: A General Design Approach

  title={Multipolar Ferrite-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machines: A General Design Approach},
  author={Barbara Boazzo and Alfredo Vagati and Gianmario Pellegrino and Eric Armando and Paolo Guglielmi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
The design of multipolar ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance (FASR) machines is formalized via a two-step procedure. At first, one rectified machine pole is analyzed, and key figures of merit are expressed in equations to derive general guidelines for high-performance designs. Then, rotating machines are modeled as the combination of multiple rectified poles within a stack cylinder having constrained outer dimensions. It is demonstrated that, at a given output torque, the number of poles… CONTINUE READING
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