Multiplicity of positive solutions for (p,q)-Laplace equations with two parameters

  title={Multiplicity of positive solutions for (p,q)-Laplace equations with two parameters},
  author={Vladimir Bobkov and Mieko Tanaka},
  journal={Communications in Contemporary Mathematics},
  • V. Bobkov, Mieko Tanaka
  • Published 22 July 2020
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Communications in Contemporary Mathematics
We study the zero Dirichlet problem for the equation [Formula: see text] in a bounded domain [Formula: see text], with [Formula: see text]. We investigate the relation between two critical curves on the [Formula: see text]-plane corresponding to the threshold of existence of special classes of positive solutions. In particular, in certain neighborhoods of the point [Formula: see text], where [Formula: see text] is the first eigenfunction of the [Formula: see text]-Laplacian, we show the… 
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