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Multiplicity of massive O stars and evolutionary implications

  title={Multiplicity of massive O stars and evolutionary implications},
  author={H. Sana and S. D. Mink and A. Koter and N. Langer and C. Evans and M. Gieles and E. Gosset and R. Izzard and J. Bouquin and F. Schneider},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
Nearby companions alter the evolution of massive stars in binary systems. Using a sample of Galactic massive stars in nearby young clusters, we simultaneously measure all intrinsic binary characteristics relevant to quantify the frequency and nature of binary interactions. We find a large intrinsic binary fraction, a strong preference for short orbital periods and a flat distribution for the mass-ratios. Our results do not support the presence of a significant peak of equal-mass `twin' binaries… Expand

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