Multiplicity of detonation regimes in systems with a multi-peaked thermicity

  title={Multiplicity of detonation regimes in systems with a multi-peaked thermicity},
  author={S. S.-M. Lau-Chapdelaine and Fan Zhang and Matei Ioan Radulescu},
  journal={Combustion Theory and Modelling},
  pages={460 - 485}
The study investigates detonations with multiple quasi-steady velocities that have been observed in the past in systems with multi-peaked thermicity, using Fickett's detonation analogue. A steady-state analysis of the travelling wave predicts multiple states, however, all but the one with the highest velocity develop a singularity after the sonic point. Simulations show singularities are associated with a shock wave which overtakes all sonic points, establishing a detonation travelling at the… 

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A simplified detonation model is used to investigate the behavior of detonations with galloping-like pulsations, revealing a sawtooth evolution of the front velocity with a period-averaged detonation speed equal to the Chapman-Jouguet velocity.



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Influence of discrete sources on detonation propagation in a Burgers equation analog system.

  • X. MiA. Higgins
  • Physics, Engineering
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2015
The measurement of the average velocity of the leading shock front for systems of both regular, fixed-period and randomized sources is found to be in close agreement with the Velocity of the equivalent CJ detonation in a uniform medium, wherein the sources have been spatially homogenized.