Multiplicative multiresolution decomposition for 2D signals: application to speckle reduction in SAR images

  title={Multiplicative multiresolution decomposition for 2D signals: application to speckle reduction in SAR images},
  author={Amina Serir and Adel Belouchrani},
  journal={2004 International Conference on Image Processing, 2004. ICIP '04.},
  pages={657-660 Vol. 1}
The new concept of multiplicative multiresolution decomposition (MMD) with perfect reconstruction is presented. This kind of analysis/synthesis representation is suitable for images corrupted by multiplicative noise, e.g. synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. The design and implementation of a nonlinear multiplicative filter bank are addressed. An application to speckle reduction in SAR images is also described. The performance of the MMD speckle reduction method is studied and compared with… CONTINUE READING


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