Multiplicative approximation of linear multivariable systems with L∞ error bounds

  title={Multiplicative approximation of linear multivariable systems with L∞ error bounds},
  author={Keith Glover},
  journal={1986 American Control Conference},
  • Keith Glover
  • Published 1986 in 1986 American Control Conference
It is shown that a p<sup>x</sup>m transfer function G(s) with p⩾m can be decomposed as G = (I-ν<sub>N</sub>Δ<sub>N</sub>)<sup>-1</sup>...(I-ν<sub>r+2</sub>Δ<sub>r+2</sub>)<sup>-1</sup> (I-ν<sub>r=1</sub>Δ<sub>r=1</sub>)<sup>-1</sup>G<sub>O</sub> where Δ<sub>i</sub> are stable all-pass transfer functions, 1=ν<sub>1</sub>..=ν<sub>r</sub>≫ν<sub>r=1</sub>..≫ν<sub>N</sub>≫0 are the Hankel-singular-values of GW*<sup>-1</sup> where G*G=WW* with W stable and minimum phase. Results on the McMillan… CONTINUE READING
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