Multiplexing of Y chromosome specific STRs and performance for mixed samples.

  title={Multiplexing of Y chromosome specific STRs and performance for mixed samples.},
  author={M Gonzalez Prinz and K E Boll and Howard J Baum and B Shaler},
  journal={Forensic science international},
  volume={85 3},
A combination of four Y-specific polymorphic STR loci was amplified simultaneously using fluorescently labeled primers. Multiplex conditions required optimization to eliminate constant bands and amplification products for female DNA. A series of experiments was carried out for mixtures of DNA from two males, and from male and female individuals for the Y-specific STRs and an autosomal locus. For the male/male mixtures amplified with the Y specific system, and amplified for an autosomal locus… CONTINUE READING

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