Multiplexed buses: the endian wars continue

  title={Multiplexed buses: the endian wars continue},
  author={David V. James},
  journal={IEEE Micro},
  • D. V. James
  • Published 1 May 1990
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Micro
The issue of data exchange between type-1 and type-2 buses, which multiplex the first data byte (which has the lowest address) with the least and most significant portions of the address, respectively, is considered. In an analogy based on Gulliver's Travels, the associated architectures have been dubbed little-endian and big-endian processors, respectively. It is pointed out that the byte order within integers and the byte order during transmission can differ. Therefore, the big and little… 
Bi-Endian Compiler : A Robust and High Performance Approach for Migrating Byte Order Sensitive Applications
The Bi-endian Compiler (BEC) capable of generating code that executes with the opposite byte order semantics as the underlying architecture is introduced and has been successfully employed in production-quality software applications comprising millions of lines of source code.
A Bit Naming Convention for Cryptographic Algorithms
This is a proposal for a simple notational convention, created in the hope that it will make descriptions of block ciphers, message digest functions, and similar cryptographic algorithms less
Network-Monitoring im Netzwerk einer Tageszeitung
It is shown that network-monitoring systems can also be used by the management of a company for risk management and the strategic process and the configuration of a chosen tool.
Aktuelle RISC-Prozessoren
In den vorangegangenen Kapiteln wurden die Konzeption und wichtige Einzelkomponenten von RISC-Prozessoren behandelt. Dieses Kapitel stellt eine Reihe von RISC-Prozessoren vor, die heute fur
  • Microprocessor 2
  • 2020
Shade: a fast instruction-set simulator for execution profiling
A tool called Shade is described which combines efficient instruction-set simulation with a flexible, extensible trace generation capability and discusses instruction set emulation in general.
The Euclidean definition of the functions div and mod
It is argued that the E- and F-definitions are superior to all other ones in regularity and useful mathematical properties and hence deserve serious consideration as the standard convention at the applications and language level.


On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace
A war between Big Endians and Little Endians can be avoided and a bit from the big end should travel first.
Data Format and Bus Compatibility in Multiprocessors
Which end of the data egg gets broken first¿big or little? Do you start with the MSB or the LSB? For the proposed IEEE 896 bus, the most practical approach may be the little-endian one.
Microprocessor Bus Structures and Standards
Bus structures must be transparent to the programmer of multiprocessor systems. Such transparency can be attained with the adoption of a standard data representation for future bus designs.
Digital Equipment Corporation, VAXArchitecture Hand-9
  • Standardfor Future-1988
  • 1978
Standard for a Full-Feature 32-Bit Backplane Bus
  • 1988
James is a research scientist at
    Digital Equipment Corporation, PDP 11/40 Processor 14. MC68030 Enhanced 32-Bit Microprocessor User's I thank Bill Worley and Michael Mahon (two Manual
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