Multiplexed Dosing Assays by Digitally Definable Hydrogel Volumes.

  title={Multiplexed Dosing Assays by Digitally Definable Hydrogel Volumes.},
  author={Adele Faralli and Fredrik Melander and Esben Kjaer Unmack Larsen and Sergey Chernyy and Thomas Lars Andresen and Niels B. Larsen},
  journal={Advanced healthcare materials},
  volume={5 2},
Stable and low-cost multiplexed drug sensitivity assays using small volumes of cells or tissue are in demand for personalized medicine, including patient-specific combination chemotherapy. Spatially defined projected light photopolymerization of hydrogels with embedded active compounds is introduced as a flexible and cost-efficient method for producing multiplexed dosing assays. The high spatial resolution of light projector technology defines multiple compound doses by the volume of individual… CONTINUE READING