Multiplex Genome-Edited T-cell Manufacturing Platform for "Off-the-Shelf" Adoptive T-cell Immunotherapies.

  title={Multiplex Genome-Edited T-cell Manufacturing Platform for "Off-the-Shelf" Adoptive T-cell Immunotherapies.},
  author={Laurent Poirot and Brian Philip and C{\'e}cile Schiffer-Mannioui and Diane Le Clerre and Isabelle Chion-Sotinel and Sophie Derniame and Pierrick Potrel and C{\'e}cile Bas and Laetitia Lemaire and Rom{\'a}n Galetto and C{\'e}line Lebuhotel and Justin Eyquem and Gordon Weng-Kit Cheung and Aymeric Duclert and Agn{\`e}s Gouble and Sylvain Arnould and Karl S. Peggs and Martin A Pule and Andrew M Scharenberg and Julianne Smith},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={75 18},
Adoptive immunotherapy using autologous T cells endowed with chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) has emerged as a powerful means of treating cancer. However, a limitation of this approach is that autologous CAR T cells must be generated on a custom-made basis. Here we show that electroporation of transcription activator-like effector nuclease (TALEN) mRNA allows highly efficient multiplex gene editing in primary human T cells. We use this TALEN-mediated editing approach to develop a process for… CONTINUE READING
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