Multiplets and terms in technetium spectra

  title={Multiplets and terms in technetium spectra},
  author={William Frederick Meggers},
  • William Frederick Meggers
  • Published 1951
  • Physics
  • Multiplets and terms of the. qu~rtet, sextet, and octet systems are reported for the first spectrum of Tc . . The combll1atlOns of 20 terms composed of 63 atomic energy leve ls account for 200 TCI lines and 66 percen t of the total observed intensity summed for 1 300 lines. ' The ground state of neutral Tc atoms is represented by 4d5 582 6S2){ , and t he first metastable state by 4d6 5s 6D 4 ){, on~y 2573. cm1 higher . A R ydberg series of 88 terms y ields absolute term values from whICh a Ri… CONTINUE READING

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