Multiple zeolite structures from one ionic liquid template.

  title={Multiple zeolite structures from one ionic liquid template.},
  author={Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Mart{\'i}nez Blanes and Bartłomiej Maciej Szyja and Francisca Romero-Sarria and Miguel {\'A}ngel Centeno and Emiel J M Hensen and Jos{\'e} Antonio Odriozola and Svetlana Ivanova},
  volume={19 6},
This study reports the use of 1-butyl-3-methyl imidazolium methanesulfonate ionic liquid as a template in the synthesis of zeolites. It is found that the silicon source determines the formation of beta (BEA), mordenite framework inverted (MFI), or analcime (ANA) zeolites. Depending on this source, different preorganized complexes are obtained that drive the… CONTINUE READING