Multiple-tooth receptive fields of single human periodontal mechanoreceptive afferents.

  title={Multiple-tooth receptive fields of single human periodontal mechanoreceptive afferents.},
  author={Mats Trulsson},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={69 2},
1. Single-unit impulse activity from 25 mechanoreceptive afferents was recorded in the human inferior alveolar nerve using tungsten microelectrodes. All of these afferents were considered to originate in periodontal receptors because they showed responses to mechanical stimulation of one or more teeth but not to stimulation of the gingiva. 2. For each afferent isolated, forces with "ramp-and-hold"-shaped profiles of similar magnitudes (261 +/- 21 mN, mean +/- SD) were applied to the incisors… CONTINUE READING

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