Multiple-target tracking of 3D fluorescent objects based on simulated annealing

  title={Multiple-target tracking of 3D fluorescent objects based on simulated annealing},
  author={Victor Racine and Ariane Hertzog and Jacqueline Jouanneau and Jean Salamero and Charles Kervrann and Jean-Baptiste Sibarita},
  journal={3rd IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: Nano to Macro, 2006.},
This paper presents a framework for tracking fluorescent objects imaged with 3D+time video-microscopy. The proposed technique solves the NP-hard problem of the multi-frame object correspondence. For this purpose, we use the simulated annealing algorithm for its flexibility for feature correspondence and its ability to give results in a very short time. Our approach takes into account events like "split", "merge", "birth" and "death". These "evolutionary events" are motivated by biological and… CONTINUE READING