[Multiple symmetric lipomatosis in the otolaryngology as diagnostic and therapeutic problem].


UNLABELLED Multiple symmetric lipomatosis (MSL) is a systemic disease connected with a degeneration of the adipose tissue. Association of reduced glucose tolerance, hyperinsulinemia, hyperlipoproteinemia, hyperuricemia, macrocytic anemia and renal tubular acidosis, polyneuropathy have been described. Lipomatosis was initially described in 1846 by Brodie but the exact aetiopathogenesis is still unknown. Depending on the anatomical location of the lipomatosis we can divided MSL into two types. MATERIAL, METHODS AND THERAPY We describe the findings in three patients with symmetric lipomatosis: two (n=2) with the first and one (n=1) with the second type of the disease. The patients were diagnosed and treated in the Department of the Otolaryngology during last of two years (2002 to 2004). Patients had executing following research: ultrasonography of the neck and abdominal cavity (n=2), radiological examination of the chest (n=3), computer tomography of the neck (n=1), thin-needle biopsy (n=3), histopathological examination (n=2) and laboratory investigations (n=3). Two patients received the pharmacological treatment (magnesium and the vitamin B6) and we observed marked regress of the disease. In the patient who at first did not agree for the treatment, came up to the heavy increase mass of tumors, especially on the neck. Liposuction and the pharmacological treatment were executed in this patient. He is still in the observation. RESULTS In case of tumors of face and neck, we have to take into account degenerative processes of the adipose tissue. Our observations indicate the efficiency of the magnesium and the vitamin B6 therapy in patients with multiple symmetric lipomatosis. The obtainment in this range of reliable conclusions require of research at the greater number of patients. We want to underline that there are any research of the influence of the magnesium and the vitamin B6 on the course of this disease in the literature.

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