Multiple substrate growth kinetics of Leptothrix discophora SP-6.

  title={Multiple substrate growth kinetics of Leptothrix discophora SP-6.},
  author={Nurdan Yurt and John Sears and Zbigniew Lewandowski},
  journal={Biotechnology progress},
  volume={18 5},
The growth parameters of Leptothrix discophora SP-6 were quantified on the basis of the steady-state concentrations and utilization rates of pyruvate, dissolved oxygen, and concentration of microorganisms in a chemostat operated at 25 degrees C, pH 7.2, and an agitation rate of 350 rpm. The results showed that the microbial growth was limited by both pyruvate and dissolved oxygen. A combined growth kinetics model using Monod growth kinetics for pyruvate and Tessier growth kinetics for oxygen… CONTINUE READING

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