Multiple sclerosis in Arabs in Jordan.

  title={Multiple sclerosis in Arabs in Jordan.},
  author={A N Al-din and Mohammed S. El-Khateeb and Ashraf M Kurdi and Ammar Fayez Mubaidin and Abdelrazzaq Wriekat and A al-Shehab and Ramzi Khalil},
  journal={Journal of the neurological sciences},
  volume={131 2},
In a 2-year hospital-based study (1992 and 1993), there were 131 multiple sclerosis patients attending 2 large referral hospitals in Jordan. Based on MS/ALS case ratios an overall rate of 32.1 (95% CI 19.7-55.2) was estimated. There were 126 Arabs of whom 84 were Palestinians and 36 indigenous Jordanians. Comparison of these subgroups, which had a similar age distribution revealed that the disease was twice as frequent in Palestinians (estimated 42.0/100,000 (CI 2.8-90.8)) among Jordanians… CONTINUE READING

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