Multiple sclerosis: cell-mediated immunity to human brain gangliosides.

  title={Multiple sclerosis: cell-mediated immunity to human brain gangliosides.},
  author={Evelyne B{\'e}raud and Marc Golstein and Francçis Viallet and Ben Ami Sela and Remy Galibert and Jean Pierre Durbec and Rasha Khalil and J L Gastaut and Patrice Richard and Hubert le Roux},
  volume={6 1-2},
Cell-mediated immunity (CMI) to myelin components has been implicated in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) pathogenesis: two targets were suggested, Myelin Basic Protein with controversial results and, more recently, gangliosides. In order to investigate their possible involvement, we have performed Leukocyte Migration inhibition (LMI) tests in the presence of human brain gangliosides. Thirty nine MS patients (twenty four being "definite", according to McDonald and Halliday's classification), twenty nine… CONTINUE READING