Multiple protein: protein interactions between the snRNP common core proteins.

  title={Multiple protein: protein interactions between the snRNP common core proteins.},
  author={Matthew G. Fury and Wenling Zhang and Ilias Christodoulopoulos and Gary W. Zieve},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={237 1},
The snRNP core proteins (B, D3, D2, D1, E, F, and G) assemble with snRNA and form the snRNP core particle with a suggested stoichiometry of B2[D1, D2(E, F, G)2]D3. The newly synthesized snRNP core proteins are stored in the cytoplasm in three RNA-free complexes of (1) B at 2S-6S; (2) [D1, D2(E, F, G)2] at 6S; and (3) (B, D3, and 69 kDa) at 20S. The snRNP proteins assemble stepwise with snRNAs that appear transiently in the cytoplasm before returning to the nucleus as mature snRNP particles. In… CONTINUE READING

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