[Multiple primary neoplasms with renal neurilemmoma: a case report and literature review].


Multiple primary neoplasms are not common, those containing renal neurilemoma are even more rare. Our study involves the diagnosis and treatment of a female patient with multiple primary neoplasms with renal neurilemoma. She was previously diagnosed with left ovarian dermoid cyst, right posterior mediastinal neurilemmoma, left forearm neurilemmoma, and papillary thyroid carcinoma, underwent operation treatment. Physical examination reveals a left renal mass with a left adrenal tumor a month before, and underwent retroperitoneal laparoscopic left adrenal nodule resection and left partial nephrectomy. Operation was successful, without conversions to open. Artery occlusion time was 18 min, and blood loss was 20 mL. Post operation pathologic result shows a left renal cellular leiomyoma neurilemmoma with focal cystic change, and tumor diameter was about 3 cm. Immunohistochemistry reports S-100 (+), Ki-67 (15%+), and short-term follow-up without recurrence. In our case of study, even though the tumors were heterochronism, they were both treated with surgical resection. Renal neurilemoma is benign. Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy is not only minimally invasive, fast in recovery, but most importantly preserves renal tissue to the largest extent. It can prevent preoperative pathological uncertainty, which often undergoes radical nephrectomy.

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