Multiple perpetrator rape in Ghana: offenders, victims and offence characteristics

  title={Multiple perpetrator rape in Ghana: offenders, victims and offence characteristics},
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ABSTRACT Multiple perpetrator rape (MPR) is criminalised in Ghana but there is a dearth of research and official statistics on the phenomenon. This study explores some of the key characteristics of MPR in Ghana as reported in the media. Keyword search of the news archives of 9 Ghanaian media outlets generated 57 cases of MPR reported from January 2000 through June 2016. Content analysis of the cases showed 61 all-female victims and 57 all-male perpetrator groups. The average victim age was 17.9… 

Clergy-Perpetrated Sexual Abuse in Ghana: A Media Content Analysis of Survivors, Offenders, and Offence Characteristics

The findings showed females aged 10–19 as predominant survivors of CPSA in Ghana, and the perpetrators were all males found guilty of lone rape, incest, defilement, indecent assault, sodomy, attempted rape, or gang rape.

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Rape of females in Nigeria has reached a disturbing proportion. While the media has played a major role in creating awareness about rape, their representations of rape are crucial in determining

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Rape is a crime characterized by low reporting and conviction rates. Many victims who do report, drop out during the justice process. This is a problem both for the victims themselves and for the

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ABSTRACT⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Group sexual offending is a phenomenon that occurs in our society, but little research has actually been carried out to unravel the complexity of this type of crime. The present

The relationship between attribution of blame and the perception of resistance in relation to victims of sexual violence

Several studies have examined victim blaming in rape scenarios. However, there is limited research on the analysis of the perception of blame when two or more perpetrators are involved. The present

Suicide attempts and deaths in older persons in Ghana: A media surveillance approach

The findings support the recent clarion call for a shift of research focus onto the mental health of (older) men in Ghana, and underscore the need to intensify general public education on recognising the warning signs of suicide and the lines of action to take to save older persons from suicide deaths.

¿Por qué se Cometen Agresiones Sexuales en Grupo? Una Revisión de las Investigaciones y Propuestas Teóricas

Multiple perpetrator sexual assaults are a type of crime increasingly present in our society. Over the last few years, research on this subject has focused on conducting descriptive studies, among

Suicidal ideation and associated factors among school-going adolescents in rural Ghana

Suicidal ideation is a critical risk for attempted suicide and eventual suicide. Little is known about suicidal ideation among rural adolescents in most sub-Saharan African countries. We aimed to

Multiple perpetrator sexual assault: correlates of PTSD and depressive symptoms in a sample of adult women

Backward regression analysis showed that stressful life events, more violent assaults, post-assault maladaptive coping and characterological self-blame, and receiving acknowledgement without support were related to greater PTSD symptoms, whereas older age and greater perceived control over recovery were associated with fewer PTSD symptoms.



Some Epidemiological Characteristics of Perpetrators and Victims of Incest in Contemporary Ghana: Analysis of Media Reports

The study observes that the recent increase in father–daughter incest warrants an immediate shift of research attention onto men’s mental health in Ghana.

Multiple perpetrator rape: Naming an offence and initial research findings

Abstract Multiple perpetrator rape presents a significant problem nationally and internationally. However, previous research is limited and findings are often contradictory. The details of 101 rape

Relationship between single and multiple perpetrator rape perpetration in South Africa: A comparison of risk factors in a population-based sample

Multiple perpetrator rape appears as an intensified form of single perpetrator rape, rather than a different form of rape, which means prevention approaches need to be mainstreamed among young men.

Matricide in Ghana: Victims, Offenders, and Offense Characteristics

  • M. Adinkrah
  • Psychology
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology
  • 2018
An analysis of 21 matricidal acts that occurred in Ghana from 1990 to 2016 shows that sons were substantially more likely than daughters to kill their mothers, matricide offenders were more likely to suffer from serious psychiatric disorders,Matricide offenses generally occurred in the victim’s home, and all cases of matricides were characterized by massive physical force and extreme violence.

Why, when and how men rape - understanding rape perpetration in South Africa

This article reports the findings of research conducted with a randomly selected sample of men aged 18–49 years from the general population of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, who were asked in an

Gender Inequitable Masculinity and Sexual Entitlement in Rape Perpetration South Africa: Findings of a Cross-Sectional Study

The logistic regression model showed that having raped was associated with greater adversity in childhood, having been raped by a man and higher maternal education, and drug use, gang membership and a higher score on the dimensions of psychopathic personality.

What we know- and what we don't: Single and multiple perpetrator rape in South Africa

This article offers an analysis of 1 886 rape dockets opened at 70 police stations in Gauteng Province in 2003. Multiple perpetrator rape (‘gang rape’) constituted 16% of all cases. Most of these

Handbook on the study of multiple perpetrator rape: a multidisciplinary response to an international problem.

Whilst there is considerable literature on rape from various perspectives, there is very little that focuses on rape committed by multiple perpetrators (also referred to as group or gang rape). For

Comparing gang and individual rapes in a community sample of urban women.

  • S. Ullman
  • Psychology, Law
    Violence and victims
  • 2007
Comparisons of trauma histories, assault characteristics, and outcomes showed that gang rape victims were worse off overall compared with victims of single offenders, and there were few differences in informal support seeking.

Multiple perpetrator rape

Objective: Violence perpetrated by groups has been proposed to result from processes that include deindividuation, instrumental responses to victim resistance, and leader-follower dynamics. Here we