Multiple mode of action of the feeding deterrent, toosendanin, on the sense of taste in Pieris brassicae larvae

  title={Multiple mode of action of the feeding deterrent, toosendanin, on the sense of taste in Pieris brassicae larvae},
  author={Louis M. Schoonhoven and Luo Lin-er},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Physiology A},
Toosendanin, a tetranortriterpenoid isolated from the bark of Melia toosendan, is a feeding deterrent for larvae of Pieris brassicae. By using electrophysiological techniques, it was found that toosendanin stimulates a deterrent receptor cell located in the medial maxillary sensillum styloconicum. Toosendanin also inhibits responses of both the sugar and glucosinolate receptor cell, which are localized in the lateral sensillum styloconicum. The degree of inhibition of the sugar receptor… CONTINUE READING
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