Multiple levels of Notch signal regulation (review).

  title={Multiple levels of Notch signal regulation (review).},
  author={Martin Baron and Hanna Aslam and Marzena Flasza and Maggy Fostier and Jenny E. Higgs and Sabine L. Mazaleyrat and Marian B. Wilkin},
  journal={Molecular membrane biology},
  volume={19 1},
Notch is a vitally important signalling receptor controlling cell fate determination and pattern formation in numerous ways during development of both invertebrate and vertebrate species. An intriguing pathway for the Notch signal has emerged where, after ligand-dependent proteolysis, an intracellular fragment of the receptor itself translocates to the nucleus to regulate gene expression. The nuclear activity of the Notch intracellular domain is linked to complexes regulating chromatin… CONTINUE READING

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