Multiple interactions amongst floral homeotic MADS box proteins.

  title={Multiple interactions amongst floral homeotic MADS box proteins.},
  author={Brendan H Davies and M Egea-Cortines and Eug{\'e}nia de Andrade Silva and Heinz Saedler and H. E. Sommer},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={15 16},
Most known floral homeotic genes belong to the MADS box family and their products act in combination to specify floral organ identity by an unknown mechanism. We have used a yeast two-hybrid system to investigate the network of interactions between the Antirrhinum organ identity gene products. Selective heterodimerization is observed between MADS box factors. Exclusive interactions are detected between two factors, DEFICIENS (DEF) and GLOBOSA (GLO), previously known to heterodimerize and… CONTINUE READING
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