Multiple forms of selenoprotein P in a candidate human plasma standard reference material.

  title={Multiple forms of selenoprotein P in a candidate human plasma standard reference material.},
  author={Guillaume Ballihaut and Lisa E Kilpatrick and Eric L Kilpatrick and William C. Davis},
  journal={Metallomics : integrated biometal science},
  volume={4 6},
Selenoprotein P (SePP) is a unique selenium-containing protein responsible for the transport and distribution of the essential trace element selenium (Se) through the human body with the concentration of SePP in human blood representing the most useful marker of Se nutritional status. Although SePP has been extensively studied, the structure of SePP in human plasma remains unresolved. Two potential isoforms of SePP have been identified by Western blot analyses distinguished principally by… CONTINUE READING


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