Multiple energy synchrotron biomedical imaging system.

  title={Multiple energy synchrotron biomedical imaging system.},
  author={Bassey Bassey and Mercedes Martinson and Nazanin Samadi and George Belev and Cahit Karanfil and Peng-fei Qi and Dean Chapman},
  journal={Physics in medicine and biology},
  volume={61 23},
A multiple energy imaging system that can extract multiple endogenous or induced contrast materials as well as water and bone images would be ideal for imaging of biological subjects. The continuous spectrum available from synchrotron light facilities provides a nearly perfect source for multiple energy x-ray imaging. A novel multiple energy x-ray imaging system, which prepares a horizontally focused polychromatic x-ray beam, has been developed at the BioMedical Imaging and Therapy bend magnet… CONTINUE READING