Multiple effects of genetic background on variegated transgene expression in mice.

  title={Multiple effects of genetic background on variegated transgene expression in mice.},
  author={Margaret L. Opsahl and Margaret McClenaghan and Anthea J. Springbett and Sarah Reid and Richard Lathe and Alan Colman and Christopher Bruce Alexander Whitelaw},
  volume={160 3},
BLG/7 transgenic mice express an ovine beta-lactoglobulin transgene during lactation. Unusually, transgene expression levels in milk differ between siblings. This variable expression is due to variegated transgene expression in the mammary gland and is reminiscent of position-effect variegation. The BLG/7 line was created and maintained on a mixed CBA x C57BL/6 background. We have investigated the effect on transgene expression of backcrossing for 13 generations into these backgrounds. Variable… CONTINUE READING

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