Multiple drivers of decline in the global status of freshwater crayfish (Decapoda: Astacidea)

  title={Multiple drivers of decline in the global status of freshwater crayfish (Decapoda: Astacidea)},
  author={Nadia I. Richman and Monika Boehm and Susan B. Adams and Fernando Alvarez and Elizabeth A. Bergey and John J. S. Bunn and Quinton Burnham and Jay Cordeiro and Jason Coughran and Keith A. Crandall and Kathryn L. Dawkins and Robert J. Distefano and Niall E. Doran and Lennart Edsman and Arnold G. Eversole and Leopold F{\"u}reder and James Michael Furse and Francesca Gherardi and Přemek Hamr and David M. Holdich and Pierre Horwitz and Kerrylyn Johnston and C. M. Jones and Julia P G Jones and Russell Lowell Jones and Thomas Garrett Jones and Tadashi Kawai and Susan Lawler and Joey Pakes and Rebecca M. Miller and Carlos Pedraza-Lara and Julian D. Reynolds and Alastair M. M. Richardson and Mark B. Schultz and Guenter A. Schuster and Peter J. Sibley and Catherine Souty-Grosset and Christopher A Taylor and Roger F. Thoma and Jerry G. Walls and Todd S. Walsh and Ben Collen},
  booktitle={Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences},
Rates of biodiversity loss are higher in freshwater ecosystems than in most terrestrial or marine ecosystems, making freshwater conservation a priority. However, prioritization methods are impeded by insufficient knowledge on the distribution and conservation status of freshwater taxa, particularly invertebrates. We evaluated the extinction risk of the world's 590 freshwater crayfish species using the IUCN Categories and Criteria and found 32% of all species are threatened with extinction. The… CONTINUE READING

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