Multiple-dose kinetics of the trypanosomicide benznidazole in man.

  title={Multiple-dose kinetics of the trypanosomicide benznidazole in man.},
  author={J. Raaflaub},
  volume={30 12},
The multiple-dose kinetics of N-benzyl-2-nitro-1-imidazole acetamide (benznidazole, Radanil) has been studied in eight patients with Chagas disease. The plasma level maxima and minima of the unchanged drug were measured on the 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th day of the four-week treatment (steady-state equilibrium). The measured values agreed well with the calculated values (calculation based on the pharmacokinetic parameters of benznidazole found in a preliminary single-dose study with healthy… CONTINUE READING

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