Multiple dental developmental abnormalities following canine distemper infection.


Multiple dental developmental abnormalities (e.g., dental impaction, partial eruption, oligodontia, enamel hypoplasia, and dentin hypoplasia) in a 10-month-old, female, Tanzanian tropical mixed-breed puppy are reported. Various permanent teeth were involved. These included impacted mandibular canine and first and third premolar teeth; a partially erupted maxillary canine tooth; oligodontia of a mandibular fourth premolar tooth; enamel hypoplasia of the maxillary and mandibular canine teeth, incisors, and premolars; and dentin hypoplasia of the maxillary incisors, maxillary premolars, and mandibular premolars. The puppy had clinical canine distemper at the age of two months and had no history of any other systemic nor generalized infection prior to the time when the dental abnormalities were observed.

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